"Jiangnan Style" behind behind (Wuzhou tea booth)

"Jiangnan Style" behind behind (Wuzhou tea booth)

  Due to the creation of "Jiangnan STYLE", there are two sentences worthy of two sentences.

The first sentence: This work is from the beginning, according to South Korea’s "things", the second sentence: I didn’t expect it to be popular in the world.

These two sentences put forward a question: Why is Korean "things" be a "things" in the world overnight? I believe that many people will think of the old saying when they see this problem – "The more the nation, the more the world". Of course, this concept is not necessarily to fully explain the cultural phenomenon of this happening in the network age. At least, in today’s economic globalization, its meaning should be expanded. Uncle Bird is probably some problems can be explained.

Bird uncle is beautiful, it belongs to "70", graduated from the Berkeley Music Institute, and began to make a singer in 2001. Although there are not many information about bird uncle in secondary school and university, we can imagine that he is growing under what kind of cultural atmosphere. "70" and "60" and the biggest difference between the previous generations is that they are in an economic globalization, and the expansion is in the way.

In the Internet, the popular explanation of China "70" generation, "the first generation of Chinese people who have grown up with TV, the first generation followed by the domestic rock floor." The "molecule" of global pop culture begins "invading" their living habits and hobbies.

  The "bound line" of the country and the national culture began to become ambiguous.

The "70", although there is still a traditional and national "things", it is quickly close to "modern" and "world".

And after this one or two generations, I consciously joined the audience of the global popular culture.

They drink the same drink, eat the same fast food, look at the same large piece, play the same video game, even wear the same costume … they are in cultural convergence to be much greater than their father.

  This is the beginning of a new "Earth Village Age", which creates "musicians in the Earth Village" like Bird. They are familiar with the music culture of their country, but they have accepted a good Western education, and their works are destined to be a "mixture" of the traditional and modern, the nation and the world. The most important part of these "mixtures" have something that arouses resonance in a young generation of cultural consumption groups. Talking about resonance, the American popular cultural factors in "Jiangnan Style" are clearly not avoided, it is both Korea, the same is also the United States, this is the foundation of it in the United States. The success of "Jiangnan Style" also refers to the revolutionary culture of American popular culture, which is still dominant in global cultures.

  However, the popularity of "Jiangnan Style" tells us that the existing "global communication structure" can be used. The US popular culture has also created a recent group of people with interest in cultural consumption.

Cherker in other countries, whether from Asia or Africa, even in a weak position in cultural communication, as long as they can focus on the consumption interest in these audience groups, they create something farther. From this point of view, Bird uncle uses him "unintentional" success, providing a new idea for cultural communication.