The first -class hero of the Motor Squadron of the Armed Police Shangrao Division of the Motor Squadron transferred to the cooking of cooks …

The first -class hero of the Motor Squadron of the Armed Police Shangrao Division of the Motor Squadron transferred to the cooking of cooks …

"I did not expect that Wang Zihao would be able to stir -handed good dishes soon after he arrived in the logistics class." The meals that have a well -colored fragrance praise the prince of the relatives who have been transferred to the cook. Who is Wang Zihao? Why does his transfer attract so much attention? This has to start from the summer of 2020.

Affected by the continuous heavy rainfall, the Poyang Lake Basin suffered a flood disaster. Because he was soaked in the flood for a long time and exposed to the sun, hundreds of blisters appeared in his arm and ulcerated, but he just returned to the front line of flood after simply handling.

The embankment slope protection, the surrounding spring tube, the search and rescue the affected people, Wang Zihao always charged in front of him, honoring his first merit.

After the merits, Wang Zihao was deeply responsible and had stricter requirements for himself. Strive for the object of learning.

At this moment, the test arrived unexpectedly. During the assessment at the end of last year, the prince was unbearable. After careful examination, the doctor diagnosed him with a certain disease and was not suitable for continuous severe exercise. After learning about this situation, the leaders of the detachment assigned a special person to use the opportunity of the team to check to talk to him and prepare to adjust it to the post of cook. "If you leave the front line of training, how can you continue to play a typical role?" The news caused heated discussion among the squadron officers and soldiers.

The reality of not being able to accept the special combat player has not yet been accepted, but also to face the sample around. Wang Zihao is unwilling to accept the post adjustment from his heart: "As a first -class hero, I should struggle to prepare for the front line!" In order to prove himself, the prince, the prince, Instead of obeying the doctor’s order suspension of the strenuous exercise, Hao did not listen to the suspension of the strenuous exercise, but increased his training volume.

With the full development of the new year’s military training, the intensity of the special team training has continued to increase, his condition has begun to increase, and the training results have also declined. "Revolutionary work is only different from division of labor, and there is no distinction between high and low.

"At this time, the leaders of the detachment found the prince and talked in time to correct his bias of his understanding of advanced typical transfer. "Under the hard work of many parties, Wang Zihao’s thoughts finally solved.

He said: "The post is the battle position, the" special battle dream "is my pursuit. Although I can’t be a special combat player, I can contribute to the special team as a good cook." The role, the squadron actively planned the growth roadmap for him, hoping that he would continue to play a typical demonstration role in new positions. At the same time, the detachment carried out special education, and combined with the study of the newly promulgated "Regulations on the Commendation of the Army’s Honor", focusing on interpreting the awards and commendation of different positions, guiding officers and soldiers to correctly treat the advanced typical transfer of the job, and inspire officers and soldiers to work in the battle position. Create merit in the post. "How to seamlessly connect the future battlefield of logistics support training" "How to quickly realize the" logistics ‘change’ "in wartime …" Wang Zihao after the transfer did not slacken at all, but used the experience accumulated when he was a special warrior, Actively participate in the formulation of the logistics class training plan, and optimize the work of logistics emergency guarantee plans, so that the training of logistics class has more "smoke flavor".

Under the help of Wang Zihao, the physical performance of the Logistics Warriors has improved significantly. They also used night training and other opportunities to highlight the training of logistical professional courses and refine the ability of logistical support in complex environments.

In the exercise not long ago, Wang Zihao’s logistics class was quickly dispatched with special combat players, and various types of guarantee supplies were performed in accordance with the emergency plan, and the tasks given by the superiors successfully were successfully completed.

The leaders of the detachment praised them: "This is a guarantee team that can fight!" So far, heated discussions caused by advanced typical transfer finally subsided, and Wang Zihao also completed the role conversion and showed his skills in new posts. The news of the news of the news is calm and the career heart ■ Hu Yan and other contributors to the transfer caused by the transfer of cooks, which reflect the current part of the current officers and soldiers’ understanding of the job creation: they artificially divide different positions, three, six nine, etc. Attach importance to fighting positions and contempt for guarantee positions. Under the new system, our organization structure is more complete and the professional division of labor is more fine.

Different positions have different professional division of labor and no absolute differences. They are all essential parts of the combat power chain. The "Regulations on the Commendation of the Army’s Honor" promulgated this year further detailed the reward situation, distinguished the command of command operations, participated in combat, and support guarantees during the war. Realize the award of war, scientific research with scientific research, and guarantee awards.

This just shows that as long as you have the passion of entrepreneurship, as long as you work hard and work hard, you can glow and heat everywhere, and you will gain encouragement, affirmation and honor.

In real work, the career choice of "one life for one life" is appreciated, but the work attitude of "the organization tells me what I do" and "Gan is a revolutionary brick" is also worth advocating. In the face of work adjustment and job conversion, you may wish to maintain a normal mind, obey the organization arrangements, and do not push it; you must have a career, based on the work of the post, and do not slack.