The first data application innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Hebei was held from March to September

The first data application innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Hebei was held from March to September

  It was learned from the press conference of the first "smart government affairs, thought future" data application innovation and entrepreneurial contest held by the Provincial Government Information Office on March 10th that it was co -sponsored by the Provincial Government Service Office, the CCB Hebei Branch, and the Provincial Digital Economic Federation. The first "Smart Government Affairs, Imagination Future" data application innovation and entrepreneurial contest in Hebei Province will be held from March to September. The picture shows the press conference.

Hebei Daily reporter Jiechu Chu Chu’s Photo Competition aims to discover and display a number of digital applications or digital products in terms of government services, industrial transformation, financial innovation and other aspects nationwide, guide more social forces to participate in the potential value of Hebei big data, and promote me to promote me Provincial digital government construction and digital economy development.

  This competition is divided into three stages of the start of the competition, the registration collection, the preliminary selection, the finals, the finals, the data application innovation development forum, and the promotion and application of the promotion and application, including digital support government services, digital empowerment economic development, and digital service financial innovation.

Among them, digital supporting government service circuit shared on government service data, and selected a number of typical cases of difficulties, pain points, and blocking points in the fields of favorable enterprises, social governance, rural revitalization, people’s livelihood services, and government services. Form the results of data application innovation; digital empowerment economic development tracks, focus on the 12 leading industries and provincial key industries in our province to support county characteristic industrial clusters, use new generation of information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to empower traditional industries and upgrade. Cultivate emerging digital industries such as artificial intelligence and big data, and accelerate the high -quality development of the local digital economy; digital service financial innovation track, relying on the five -level integration credit platform in Hebei Province, promote the application of social credit information sharing, promote "Xinyi+" , Credit services, financial services, investment and financing docking services, corporate credit database construction, provide more accurate "credit loan" services for governments, enterprises and institutions, industrial parks, and financial institutions to enhance financial services.

The above three tracks are facing the outstanding cases and results of innovation and entrepreneurship for enterprises and institutions, local governments, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, financial institutions, financial institutions, and individuals. (Hebei Daily reporter Xie Chuchu).