Innovation in Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province Carry out National Defense Education

Innovation in Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province Carry out National Defense Education

The staff of Jinggangshan City’s Ministry of Martial Arts introduced the knowledge of firearms to the students.

  On the eve of the "June 1st" International Children’s Day, the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces of Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province launched a "National Defense Education Entering Campus" event to give students a special children’s day gift for students of the Mao Zedong Red Army School of Jinggangshan City. The relevant person in charge of the Ji’an Education and Sports Bureau told reporters that with the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, primary and secondary school students have more after -school hours. In order to coordinate the spare time and enrich the national defense education curriculum system, Ji’an Military Land jointly explores the method of integrating the cultivation of the patriotism of young people into the teaching content and campus culture, and the method of integrating the education of patriotism and the strength of patriotism and strong country into moral education. path.

On the one hand, they excavate and use the advantages of local red resources. At the time of the first lesson, the National Defense Education Day, etc., the retired soldiers and the model of supporting the army enter the primary and secondary schools to tell stories and traditions; on the other hand, for the characteristics of young people, carry out Various forms of experiential education allows young people to accept national defense culture in the subtle way, cultivate the concept of national defense, and strengthen national defense awareness. On May 25, the History History History of the Berlus Revolution in Jinggangshan City, the students from the Yaoling Central Elementary School in Jinggangshan City wore VR glasses and revisited the scene of Comrade Mao Zedong hosted the Bailu Conference. The principal Wang Jian told reporters, "Now the school offers a section of national defense education practice courses every week to allow students to get out of the campus. Whether it is visiting the Red Revolutionary History venue or going to the National Defense Education Base to experience the military camp, it is well received by students.

"After the students complete their daily homework, I look forward to more expansion courses. The novel national defense courses have opened a window for children to understand national defense and national defense.

Zhou Juan, a teacher of Yonghe Central Primary School, Ji’an County, said happily that the colorful national defense education activities not only enriched the children’s surplus life after the children’s "double reduction" policy, but also made the seeds of patriotic reports rooted in the hearts of young people.