"Cutting the Penders" Kang Jing is awarded the "China Network · Touched 2019" annual online characters

"Cutting the Penders" Kang Jing is awarded the "China Network · Touched 2019" annual online characters

The award guests awarded the annual online characters Kang Jing (right).

  Xinhuanet Shijiazhuang January 16 (Korea) "There wasn’t much thinking at the time, just in order to save your father’s life, for the sickness of his father, what was going to cut the skin again!" He is full of unlimited words. courage.

On the 16th, in the Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, Xinhua News Agency "China Network" column "China Network, Touched 2019" Annual Award Ceremony, Kang Jing and other 10 (group) grassroots heroes "China Network Things · Touch 2019 "Annual Network People.

  The ancient bedroom is a snorkeling, and now there is a cutting hand to save the father. Kang Qinghai, the villagers in Nanbo Village, Pingshan County, Hebei Province, causing 99% of the skin burns to save his father’s life, and decided to cut the father and rescue the father, with 18 palm sizes of the palm of the palm. Made of leather surgery.

Kang Jing "cutting the fate" is touched many people, netizens praised the "most beautiful daughter."

  "The sheep has the grace of the milk, and the crow has risening.

For the children, the world is full of filial piety.

‘Filial piety loves, the word, you should write with your skin, marked with your heart, and you will read it in a way to arouse thousands of people.

When you are a mother, you interpret this is the ‘Renmiao’.

"This is the award word for the selection organizing committee to Kang Jing, which is also a true portrayal of Kang Jingxiaxiaxiao." Reverse filial piety ", Kang Jing used his own actions to practice this sentence.

The nourishment is known to the parents, this strong mother, the optimistic daughter, the body is in the style of a family, and set up a model of Daxia to love for the society.

  In order to save his father’s life, it is still in lactation. Kang Jing does not have a daughter who has given eight months old daughter.

When the moderator asked her to say that her daughter, she replied, I would like to believe that her daughter will understand me for a while. If this is not the case, her grandfather will lose life.

  "China Network" selection activities are initiated by Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, Xinhua News Agency "China Network" column, is the first in China to have a grassroots ordinary people as reporting and selection objects, from Xinhua News Agency, reporters visiting the grassroots excavation touching story, Different institutions recommend candidates, launching netizens in line with new media methods, online selection and conducting public welfare brands of annual awards ceremony. The event was held since 2010, looking forward to many years of public welfare road, witnessing countless people and things, every time with touching encounters, people tears, every time with touched meet, people will make people see the human love .