[Quick Comment on the two sessions] Guarding the health of the people

[Quick Comment on the two sessions] Guarding the health of the people

Original title: Guarding the people’s healthy butterfly, porcelain dolls, moon children … Behind these seemingly cute names, there is actually a huge pain of patients with rare diseases. In this year’s government work report, it clearly proposed "strengthening the protection of rare diseases" and brought hope to more patients and families.

Rare diseases, also known as "orphan diseases", refer to diseases with low epidemic and rare diseases, mainly caused by genetic defects, mostly congenital diseases.

However, rare diseases are not uncommon. According to statistics, there are currently more than 7,000 rare diseases in the world, and there are more than 20 million rare disease patients in my country, and the number of new people per year exceeds 200,000. In addition to the torture of the disease, the biggest problem of the rare sick family is expensive treatment costs.

Due to the difficulty of diagnosis, few treatment methods, and many special effects medicines are imported drugs, the heavy economic burden brought about to this increasingly huge group has fallen into trouble. In recent years, my country has actively promoted the prevention and protection of rare diseases. Some rare diseases have been approved to be listed in China, and more than 40 species have been included in the national medical insurance directory. This year, the government work report focused on "rare diseases" for the first time, and once again released a positive signal for patients with rare diseases.

To implement the requirements of "strengthening rare diseases", in addition to incorporating more rare medical drugs into the scope of medical insurance and continuously improving the rare disease service guarantee system, it should also start with the source of expensive medical drugs, through policy guidance and financial support. Encourage more pharmaceutical companies to invest in the research and development of related drugs, actively promote the localization of rare disease drugs, further reduce the treatment cost of rare diseases, and make more and more rare patients use "life -saving medicine".

"Strengthening the Rare Drug Guarantee" was written into the government work report, which fully reflects the people’s health supremacy. Looking forward to the common efforts of the whole society, more patients with rare diseases have gone out of the healing dilemma, and one will not fall on the road of "healthy China".

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